Friday, February 19, 2010

Mr. Suman Reddy Eadunuri, Managing Director, PegaSystems Worldwide India Private Ltd.

First and foremost expectation from the budget not only from me but I believe from the whole industry would be substantial measures for constant growth of the industry which needs to be addressed very prominently by the government. This becomes very critical considering the slowdown which Indian industry faced in the last 2 years. The industry has worked really hard to overcome the tough times so some positive measures from the government would be encouraging and will certainly bring the industry back on its earlier growth track. The IT and ITES sector has emerged as a key economic driver, hence it is imperative that the industry is motivated to do more.

According to me, the top issue for common man which needs to be addressed is to tame inflation, which has given a significant rise to the prices of primary food articles. Even though we had witnessed an inflation rate of below 1% still the prices of commodities in retail market were always on a higher side.

Another task in hand is to improvise the quality of Primary and higher education with greater use of ICT that perhaps can bring some changes in how the money is spent and can help in creating industry ready talent on a long term perspective.

As far as the macro issues are concerned, National Security is another area which needs a much more sophistication thus calling for more investment and also ways to use the investment for right purposes.

We would like government to enhance its support to the IT industry which is getting bigger each year, creating huge employment opportunities and helps the economy to grow. Extension of STPI benefits for a few more years and streamlining general tax anomalies should be thought through. In general, tax exemptions and relaxations will continue to keep India competitive with respect to the other emerging markets. The existing norms should also changed for granting government IT contracts which will provide fair chances to newer players who have innovative and advanced solutions.

Augmenting the exemption limit of individual taxes would certainly be a delight for the middle class people who strive to earn and end up paying a considerable part in taxes. Infrastructure is another major concern for a country like ours which every body is talking about and surely is a part of everyone’s budget wish list. We will grow only when the country and its economy will flourish so any improvement in infrastructure especially airports, good road network and superior communications will create an environment where more people would want to work and invest in India thus giving the necessary impetus to the economy.


Profile of PegaSystems PegaSystems, the leader in Business Process Management, provides software to drive revenue growth, productivity and agility for the world's most sophisticated organizations. Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, PegaSystems has offices in North America, Europe and Asia. Publicly held as “NASDAQ: PEGA”, PegaSystems has been named the leader in BPM by both Forrester and Gartner. PegaSystems Inc. started its Indian operations in 2008.

Profile of Mr. Suman Reddy Eadunuri Suman Reddy Eadunuri is the Managing Director of PegaSystems Worldwide India Private Ltd. Mr. Suman is responsible for the overall R&D and the operations of the Indian entity. Mr. Suman has joined PegaSystems in March 2004 and brings with him 12 plus years of experience in IT Industry. At Pega Mr. Suman has been involved in various initiatives in building and expanding the North American Pega Professional Services organization prior to assuming the role of Managing Director for PegaSystems India.

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